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11-Mar-2014 LKI will participate in Elmia Automation 2014 in Jönköping, Sweden 6-9.5.2014

Elmia Automation is the leading fair for industrial automation within the Swedish... Read more

23-Oct-2013 LKI automation solutions at Blechexpo in Stuttgart 5-8.11.2013

LKI automation solutions will be represented by Amada GmbH at Blechexpo... Read more

The line of products range from traditional loading and unloading systems to complete production lines. Our products for sheet metal handling are sold under the Amada™ brand.

We deliver FMS for sheet metal processing and machining as well as automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS).

LKI Käldman Ltd. develop and produce solutions for automated material handling.

LKI Käldman Ltd. is one of the leading companies in Europe within sheet metal handling automation. Thanks to the long experience of automation and know-how in software we also offer FMS-solutions for factory and warehouse logistics, new solutions as well as upgrades and modifications.

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