Our software solutions are designed to increase the efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing industry. With more than 30 years of experience we offer you reliable partnership, highest level of professional service and top-quality solutions for your production requirements - from a single software module to a complete automated production system.

Camline ADC

A reliable, detailed and real time machine monitoring system offers you the tools for maintenance and production planning, manufacturing method development and investment planning.

Camline DNC

Easy to use NC program transfer and management system shortens NC program change times, helps to build up a NC program library meeting your quality criteria, and simplifies NC program editing.

Camline MAINT

Systematic and precise maintenance management system ensures anticipating service and modification work so that there is a minimum operational disturbance.

Camline TOOL

Automatic management of work tools shortens set up times and prevents expensive mistakes in keying data and consequent machine idle time. 

Solutions for FMS & Modernisations

Modular, easily extendable control software for the control of manufacturing systems and cells helps you gain the most of every production hour.