2009 Development of AS III L and AS III MP automatic storage towers.


Extensive development of the company and the product range

2001 A new factory for manufacturing of machine frames and components was built in Bennäs (C-hall).

2002 Development of AS LUL loading/unloading tower for Amada FO laser.

2004 The compact storage CS 300 was developed and exhibited at EuroBLECH 2004 in Hannover.

2005 Development of PR III, the third generation of part remover for punching machines.
A new production plant (B-hall) for assembling of automatic towers and storage systems was built in Bennäs beside the C-hall.

2007 The production plant in Bennäs was extended with an additional 3500 m2 and B and C halls were connected by a logistic hall. This gave a modern and effective unit for manufacturing components and assembling machines.

2008 LKI Käldman Ltd. was awarded "The strongest SME in Finland 2008".
Development of CS II, the second generation of compact storages.

2008-2009 Development of AS III L and AS III MP automatic storage with loading and unloading functions for punch and laser cutting machines.
The listed company Amada Co. Ltd. acquires shares in LKI Käldman Ltd.