LKI Staff 2005

LKI History

The story of LKI began during 1979 when Leif Käldman founded the company F:ma L. Käldman and started operations as a subcontractor of machined components (turning and milling). He manufactured the components at home in his workshop. The very first own product called “Poscontrol”, a programmable back gauge for press brakes, was developed during the mid 1980’s.

During the early 1990’s the first automatic system for sheet metal handling was delivered to ABB in Finland. After a few years an automation system was delivered to Amada GmbH and the cooperation between LKI and Amada Co. began.

The name of the company was eventually changed to LKI Käldman Ltd., but it is generally called just LKI.

During the last 20 years have both LKI and the product range developed extensively and the continued cooperation with Amada has also resulted in their part-ownership in 2009. After nearly 40 years in the field of automation LKI has evolved from a one-man-company to a major player in Europe within sheet metal handling automation and also to an important employer in the local area and the surrounding municipalities.

The acquisition of the software company Camline Oy in Lappeenranta 2012 contributed with extensive knowledge about software solutions for improving efficiency in manufacturing and engineering industries. Today LKI can also offer industrial automation solutions and services including for example FMS solutions and services as well as software solutions.