Handling of personal data in job applications

This guide describes how personal data are handled when job applications are submitted via the application form on AMADA Automation Europe Ltd´s (AAE) website. Applications submitted in any other way, for example by e-mail or in person, are handled in a corresponding way.

Registering personal data in job applications
In order to register personal data in job applications the registrant must consent explicitly. The request for consent is thus prompted in the online application form. If the application is received by any other means, consent is requested separately.

Personal data that can be registered include:
• Name, e-mail, year of birth, address, phone number, education, professional experience, language skills, computer skills, interests and information about skills such as driver’s licenses, hot work, license to operate fork lifts, health and safety certification and completed military service.
• The type of occupation for which the application is submitted and the time of submission.
• The applicant’s attachments with any information.

Retention of applications
Applications, and the personal data therein, are retained for six months.

The purpose of data collection and transfer of information

Information about the data subject is used internally within the company in relation to the recruitment process. The information is handled confidentially and is only transferred to third parties, in this case external consultancies, which are exceptionally hired to assist with AAE´s recruitment processes.

Ability of the data subject to review, edit and delete information.
The data subject has the right to request to access and review any stored information and, where applicable, edit this or request that it be deleted.


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