Greg Seymour, Managing Director



AMADA Automation Europe Ltd., formerly named LKI Käldman Ltd. was founded in 1979 and is situated in Pedersöre on the west coast and in Lappeenranta in the south of Finland. We develop and produce solutions for sheet metal handling automation. We also offer other industrial automation solutions and services, including for example FMS solutions, services and support as well as software solutions. 

Bennäs plant – Head office and production halls
Lövö plant – production hall 

AMADA Automation Europe Ltd. is a part of the AMADA Group and their largest manufacturing facility for automation solutions in Europe.  About 95 % of our production is exported, mainly to Europe and to North America, and the total number of employees is about 170.

AMADA HOLDINGS Co., LTD. is a Japanese company founded in 1946, listed on the Stock Market in Tokyo and one of the leading manufacturers of metalworking machinery in the world. Globally, AMADA Group consists of over 90 companies and more than 9,000 employees with headquarters in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

AMADA Automation Europe Ltd. is run by Greg Seymour (Managing Director).